Creating Photography Memories of Your Pet

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Pets…. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Snakes, Lizards, Rats oh my….. yes, even rats. Not all people are alike and not all pets are right for people but what is right is we all LOVE our pets. Whether they bark, meow, squeak, or slither they make us smile. They are our sunshine on a grey day. And PETS make When Skies Are Grey Photography by Denise HAPPY any day. I am that crazy dog lady and maybe one cat away from Crazy Cat Lady! I love my pets. Often my daughters say I love my dogs more than them…. Ummmmm well…. okay maybe not more but definitely the same amount. Sorry Girls they don’t talk back!

Dog Photographer Black Labrador Headshot Black Labrador

That wet nose, those perky ears when you say their name….the toy they bring to you when you come home. They pull at your heart strings just looking at them. I warned you I am that crazy dog lady! But honestly pets add value to our life. They are good for our health, really, like just rubbing them for 15 minutes releases feel good hormones. They offer emotional support and can even help you stay physically health… how you say??? If you own a dog, you probably walk them at times and wait what…. That means you are walking. Now I know you do not take medical advise from your photographer so why am I over here talking about the health benefits of pets. You know what makes you smile, and I know how to capture them to keep those memories forever. The average dog is with us between 10-14 years. Our average life expectancy is 78 years, so we have many years to immortalize those pets of our life in memories.

Cat Nip Kitty Cat Photographer Cat Nip Kitty CatCat Photography

When my daughters were young our family dog passed away, my girls were 7 and 14 and now are 19 and 26. Still to this day they can tear up thinking of Abby. The impression of a pet is everlasting. Every year when I break out the Christmas ornaments, they both look at each dog and cat of their childhood in photos on the tree and tell a memory. These pets are our family. Often pets are the first experience we have with loss. Valuing the pet and capturing their face in professional photography from the puppy days to the senior age is a way to memorialize their importance to your family.  Adding those ornaments to the tree, creating calendars with your pet’s, hanging a beautiful print over the fireplace of Fido. Treasures for you and your family to look at while that precious pet is in your life and to honor after they are gone. Capturing your pet in a photograph making art for your home is my specialty. My love for pets does not stop at my own. I love your pets too and I love creating your memories of them for you. Let’s create a digital art image of your pet to add to your home décor from one of your favorite portraits.

IMG_3429Digital Art Print Black Dog Digital Art Print

I spend time volunteering at local animal shelters capturing photos of the homeless pets to assist in getting them their furever home. Let me create your pets’ memories in our premiere studio in Chesapeake and if you do not have a pet follow me! I share local homeless animals from shelters and rescues weekly.

 As always you make me happy when you choose When Skies Are Grey Photography by Denise. They say a picture is worth a thousand words let me capture a thousand memories for you.

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