When they started Kindergarten did you think?

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Today April 21, 2021 is National Kindergarten Day... when you think back to your first day of school do you remember how long Summer Vacation seemed to be? The same 90 days now flies by but each Summer day when you were 5 years old seemed to last an eternity.  Kindergarten Graduate Kindergarten GraduateKindergarten Graduation Cap & Gown

What about those first day of school bus stop photos! We all remember those cheesy smiles or maybe even a face of tears but either emotion we all can feel when we take a look at those snapshots. 


And then the moment comes that the Kindergartener is now the GRADUATE! How did all that time pass? This is a major milestone and with the current Seniors of 2021 their story has the variance and a not so familiarity of those of 2 years ago. So just as with the first conception Friedrich Frobel's brought in Kindergarten to encourage children to express creativity, fuel curiosity, and foster independence our 2021 Graduates are creating their own sense of memories outside of the box, similar to the unprecedented Graduates of 2020. The moments are the same accomplishment but the memories will look different. Capturing those memories are even more important to cultivate their creativity and value the changes they endured. 


What's in a Senior Photo Session anyway? Why should you even do one if there will be no big event as in years past? Even some people think well maybe I shouldn't even buy a Cap & Gown? The moment may not look the same but the memories you capture in those priceless photos will create the forever memory. Your Senior Photo Session captures your personality, maybe a favorite location, the city vibe, beach, a country field, a beloved pet or your awesome car that has it's own name! Whatever your personality is show it!  DSC_6576City Portrait Session Neon District City Portrait Session


So even more now it is important to have that tailored personalized Senior Portrait Session to commemorate your memories and value the accomplishment. Eighteen years ago your vision of the day may of looked different but the milestone is still the same. So order that Cap & Gown, Schedule that Portrait Session, get a commemorative shirt, order that extra Tassel to hang in your car window. And for that Preschool Grad or Kindergarten Grad that isn't having the same year that Senior had 18 years ago make their new memories too. Get their Cap & Gown portraits to have at their Graduation Party in 18 years. That's the value of a photo, it captures that moment and creates the memory. 

Whether it's signs in the front yard, a drive party Grad Party or a small gathering in the back yard HAVE THE CELEBRATION! Do the DIY Prom, Take the Pictures, Eat the Cake.... okay so that's just because I love cake! But make the memories bigger and better.  Don't forget the 2021 College Grads as they are finalizing their college memories in an unprecedented time make sure to capture their photos on campus, grab the mask and get out there and take the photos.  DSC_0140Graduate Graduate with Mask On





Decorate the cap even if the only place you will throw it is the backyard. 

Cap & GownCollege Graduate On Campus College Graduate Portrait Session






So now for the 2022 Graduate it is time to schedule your Senior Portrait sessions and don't forget your upcoming Kindergarteners for 2022, Schedule that Back to School session for August to commemorate their memories. Whatever our moments are a photograph will lock that moment into memory. It freezes time for you! 


Do you know a 2022 Graduate that would like to be part of our 2022 Senior Influencer Team? If so send them to our Senior Influencer Team Interview 

You Make Me Happy for Choosing When Skies Are Grey Photography by Denise!


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