Summer Bucket List .... What's on Your List? Here's 10 Things to Check Out in Coastal Virginia

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It's the First Day of Summer.... YAY!!!! The countdown is on to get as much fun in the sun and enjoy! While Summer itself can be defined as either meteorological summer versus astronomical summer most of us think of summer as the time between when school ends and school begins. Whether we are the parent, the child, or the teacher, that moment the last bell rings and the buses leave the ramp signifies a plethora of emotions and an internal clock countdown! As a mom, I constantly thought about how am I going to fill the days with memories without the big prep it takes to accomplish big huge moments. So little trips and events filled our days and even now that my girls are grown we still find these summer fun activities a nice addition to our summer.  We all know the beach, Busch Gardens, or Ocean Breeze may fall on that Summer Bucket List but what about some hidden gems or some things to take in out of the normal summer plans.  So here, I’ll share 10 activities to add to your Summer Bucket List, getting out to enjoy our LONG LONG days of Summer! And these will not take a day of planning and a full day of activity, you can accomplish most of them in just a couple of hours so plan one for each week of the summer to battle the boredom busters!


10 Things to do in Coastal Virginia for Summer

  1. Blueberry Picking at Cullipher Farms ....nestled in the rural beauty of Pungo. Cullipher has u-pick offerings all year but Summer offers a little time to turn those fingers blue…. Well purple actually and pick some fresh blueberries for yummy blueberry parfaits, shakes, pies and to top on that oh so yummy ice cream! Doesn’t ice cream just taste 1000 times better in Summer!


  1. Sunflower Fields at Goldpetal Farms, Greenbrier Farms and more…. While the weather and deer’s can change the season for Sunflowers when you have a chance to pick these majestic queens you GO! Coastal Virginia offers several opportunities from June to September to pick some Sunflowers or just walk thru and enjoy the scenes and see pollinators at work in full force.

  1. Peach Picking at Mount Pleasant Farms….Mt. Pleasant Farms in Rural Chesapeake has a win win …. You can pick some peaches and makes my most favorite grilled peaches to place on a scoop of vanilla ice cream… yum yum… I can almost taste it right now! While you are there you can see goats, chickens, horses and more! Pick up some local honey from the Country Store and walk next store for an extra treat Bergey’s Breadbasket for more animals and yummy treats. And grab some blackberries while you are there!

I mean who doesn't like making friends with goats! 


  1. The Virginia Zoo ….so summer days at the Zoo is like a given! A little tip when taking that trip the earlier the better. Lions and Tigers and bears oh my don’t care much for putting on a show during the HOT HEAT of the day. Now if you want a little Adult Fun check out the Zoo’s Adult ONLY 21+ Zoo Nights

  1. Bluebird Gap Farm … one of my daughters favorites when she was little! This little farm in Hampton offers a farm experience right in the middle of the City.


  1. Kayaking at the Lesner Bridge…. Dust that Kayak off and head over to the Lesner Bridge to experience the beauty of the Lynnhaven River. The wildlife, the water, the beauty! For a short day or long day on the water the ease of getting out to experience the beauty of the Coastal area this spot is great for a beautiful day  or hour on the water.


  1. The Dismal Swamp Trail… now this you can walk, run or kayak! Not gonna lie the dismal black water in a kayak is by far my most favorite way to experience this one. The tree lined black water tranquility is a moment everyone should take in as well as the history.


  1. Norfolk Mermaid Scavenger Hunt …. Now this one will keep you busy all summer long and cross the entire area. (Secret TIP Not all mermaids live in Norfolk). The Norfolk Mermaids have been celebrated for over 20 years. They started with 130 but have grown in popularity! I even know where a secret mermaid hides out at a private residence! Set aside to visit 1 a week and mark them off your list!


  1. Love Signs … can you find them all in Hampton Roads? Total there are over 275 love signs in the State of Virginia. The Virginia is for Lovers campaign dates back to 1969! And now you can take your own Virginia Love Pictures with signs all over the state but can you find all the ones in Hampton Roads? 

  1. Now after all this moving and on -the -go for the Summer you need a break and reward …so check out The Sweet Spot on Atlantic Ave. This adorable ice cream shop is more than just an ice cream shop, it’s a full experience! The ambiance flows right out the pinkalicious door to the sidewalk! This one is a perfect Selfie Moment with your absolutely delicious ice cream creation!


So while these moments may not skydive you out of a plane at 10,000 feet in the air’s the little moments that make life BIG! So go Little to make life BIG!


As always You Make ME Happy When YOU Choose When Skies Are Grey Photography by Denise !

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