The Value of Generational Photography Sessions

September 10, 2021  •  2 Comments

DSC_0207Family Family where life begins and love never ends.

We all know the more people involved in anything the more stressful the planning can be! As a KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) kind of girl, I am the first to shy away from the big plan of getting the entire family, the his… the hers…the theirs….the thems…the everybody…. all together for that BIG production of an event with one exception…….. a portrait! The generational portrait is one big production that the benefit and value outweigh the stress and complication. And what if the stress and complication vanished and all that remained was this big 16X20 Canvas of the entire family … laughing … all together … and having fun? Sound impossible? Well, it’s not and the value is immeasurable. 

So, what’s stopping you?

The where? 

The when? 

The what? 

The who? 

The how to? 

Enter …. ME!

Let me guide your family thru the process. From the color scheme to the laughs, let me take you to the immeasurable portrait in every family members’ home. This treasure isn’t just for the family of today either it’s a legacy for generations to come.  


As a memory maker, I value photos of the past possibly more than the ones in the moment. A photos power stops time. It allows for the viewer to go to that moment to react and take in the details of that second in time. Who hasn’t looked at a family photo and said oh my goodness look what dad was wearing or can you believe how small I was now I’m 6’ 7”…. all my clients just chuckled as they envisioned me on my stool all 5 feet three quarters of an inch of me! A generational photo allows future generations to take in the culture, the fashion, and trends of the time as well as see their family.  I know you all love that feeling you get when you see that Facebook memory or TimeHop reminder come up from 5 years or 10 years ago. Sometimes just looking thru a photo album … (hopefully you still put your photos in albums) can remind you of Grandma’s perfume or Grandpa’s cologne. It’s amazing how the brain works! A photograph can literally trigger the 5 senses of a memory. 

DSC_0780-18Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and love.


Now I’ve convinced you …. What next? 

Step 1 Let’s chat

Step 2 Contact the family! Put that Family Group Messenger in action. AND don't forget the PETS! Schedule the date. 

PRO TIP… if little ones are involved consider nap times, if pets are involved take them for a walk before to get their energy out. 

Step 3 Check out the color palette guide. The last thing you want is everyone wearing clashing clothing! 🤣 Consider having each smaller family group wearing their own color. Of course you can go with neutrals tans, white,  grey & black to show cohesiveness. But don’t be afraid of adding color and complimenting colors to show the personality in your family dynamic. You can even have family shirts made. Whatever choice you make I am here for guidance along the way so the end result is valued by all. 

Step 4 HAVE FUN! I know I know we all want that perfection but remember some of the most perfect photos are the authentic in the moment ones where you aren’t trying so hard.

So RELAX … laugh a little and have fun! 

DSC_6748Pets are Family tooTime Spent Together Creates Memories


As always YOU make me Happy when YOU choose When Skies Are Grey Photography by Denise 


I completely agree with the value of generational photography sessions. It's not just about capturing a moment in time, but creating a legacy for future generations to appreciate and cherish. The memories and emotions that a photo can evoke are truly immeasurable. And with the help of a skilled photographer, the process can be stress-free and enjoyable for everyone involved. I highly recommend investing in a generational portrait for your family. It will be a treasure for years to come.
The photo of the seniors holding their hands and smiling brought tears to my eyes :)
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