Making your Best Holiday Photo Cards, Capturing the Magic: From Photoshoot to Holiday Cards

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Capturing the Magic: From Photoshoot to Holiday Cards


Holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to spread the cheer than with personalized holiday cards that truly capture the spirit of your family? The journey from a photography session to receiving your beautifully crafted holiday cards is a delightful adventure that guarantees to fill your loved ones with warmth and joy. Here's a sneak peek into the timeline for curating a beautiful holiday card.


November 1 - The Magical Session:

Your adventure begins with a photography session that will forever freeze your family's happiness in time. November 1st marks the day when you and your photographer embark on a creative voyage, capturing smiles, laughter, and that undeniable twinkle in your eyes that the holiday season brings. The magic is real, and it's beautifully reflected through the lens. We offer The Private Exclusive Santa Experience Sessions, Holiday Studio Sessions, Christmas Tree Farm & On Location Seasonal Photography Options and they are ALL Pet Friendly!

Waiting for SantaWaiting for Santa

November 14 - The Gallery Viewing Session:

Two weeks later, it's time to relive the magic. On November 14th, you'll be invited to a gallery viewing session. This is where you'll sit down with your photographer, surrounded by your most precious moments. It's like opening a treasure chest of memories. You'll have the chance to select your favorites and envision how they'll look on your holiday cards. The anticipation is tangible, and your excitement is building.


The Photo Selection for Your Cards:

But the thrill doesn't stop there. On the very same day as your gallery viewing session, you'll make the important decisions on which photos will grace the front of your holiday cards. It's an exciting moment, and you can be certain that the images you choose will warm the hearts of everyone who receives your card.

Baby Boy Brand ModelBaby Boy Brand Model

Production and Mailing:

Once you've made your selections, it's time for the experts to work their magic. You'll allow three days for production, ensuring that every detail is perfected. After that, your carefully crafted holiday cards will be sent to a trusted lab, which will take approximately 7 to 10 days to transform your visions into reality.


The Grand Arrival: November 27 - Your Cards are Here!

With bated breath, you'll await the day when your cards will arrive. November 27th is the date to mark on your calendar, the day when you'll receive your beautifully printed, personalized holiday cards. They'll be in your hands, and you'll finally see your cherished memories transformed into heartwarming greetings.

Christmas CardsChristmas Cards


Happy Holidays Baby Young Family CardHappy Holidays Baby Young Family Card Labrador Reindeer Holiday CardLabrador Reindeer Card






The Finishing Touch:

You now have three days to add a personal touch to your cards. You can address them with love, add a heartfelt message, and prepare them for the journey to your friends and family. December 1st is the day you'll send out your holiday cards, ensuring they'll brighten mailboxes and bring smiles throughout the holiday season.


This enchanting journey from a family photography session to receiving your holiday cards is a beautiful reminder of the joy and love that fills the holiday season. It's a chance to make memories and share them with those you hold dear. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting, heartwarming moments with your loved ones.


Book Your Holiday Card Photography Session:

As the holidays approach, don't wait too long to book your holiday card photography session. The process is an adventure, filled with anticipation and joy. By booking your session early, you ensure a stress-free experience that will leave you with the perfect holiday cards to share with your friends and family. So, embrace the magic, capture your moments, and let your family's joy shine through on your holiday cards. Book your photography session today, and let the enchanting journey begin!


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