Capturing the Magic: Back to School Photos That Sparkle!

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It's that time again.... time to capture those first days of school memories. Don't stop at just the first day carry on the memories for the entire first week and throughout the month showing off those new outfits, new backpacks, lunch boxes, and all that encompass the personality of your child for this new year.

The first week of school is a time of excitement, nerves, and new beginnings. It's the perfect opportunity to capture those unforgettable moments as your kids take on a new grade, new teachers, and new adventures. Here are some warm and fun tips and tricks for parents to make those Back to School photos epic:

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1. Choose the Right Location

Pick a spot that has significance for your child. It could be the front porch, a special tree, or a nearby park. This helps create a sense of continuity and nostalgia as the years go by. At home find a nice solid wall!

2. Golden Hour Glory

The soft, warm light of early morning (often called the "Golden Hour") can make your photos look absolutely magical. Plan this time if possible. (Before those buses come down the street.)

3. Get Creative with Props

Consider using props that reflect your child's interests or the school year ahead. A backpack, books, or a chalkboard with their grade or graduation year on it can add a fun and personalized touch.

4. Candid Moments Shine

Posed photos are lovely, but some of the most precious shots happen when kids are being themselves. Capture those candid moments of laughter, curiosity, and excitement.

5. Dress to Express

Let your child's personality shine through their outfit. Whether it's a favorite superhero shirt, a fun dress, or their school uniform, their clothing can tell a story about who they are.

6. Include Siblings and Friends

If your child has siblings or friends starting school together, include them in the photo shoot. These relationships are an integral part of their school journey. And don't forget the dog and cat!!! Pets are a great inclusion to the Back to School Photos! 

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Pro Tips for That Extra 'Wow' Factor:

  • Camera Angle: Get down to your child's level for a more intimate perspective.

  • Zoom In on Details: Capture close-ups of their hands holding school supplies or their backpack zipper. These details evoke strong memories.

  • Try Different Poses: Experiment with different poses to see what feels most natural for your child.

  • Burst Mode: Use burst mode on your camera to capture quick, consecutive shots. This is great for candid moments.

  • Edit Thoughtfully: Don't be afraid to enhance your photos with editing apps, but keep it natural. Brightening and adjusting colors can make a big difference.

  • Print and Display: After capturing these special moments, consider printing and displaying them in your home. They're not just for social media; they're memories to cherish. Back to School Photo Memories Young Boy Back to School Photo

Ready to Elevate Your Back-to-School Photos?

While these tips can help you create wonderful memories, nothing beats the skill and expertise of a professional photographer. Our team at When Skies Are Grey Photography, Media, & Designs is here to make your Back to School photos truly epic and unforgettable. 

Sign up now for a professional school studio photoshoot, and let's capture the magic of this exciting time together! 📸🎒📚 

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As Always You Make Me Happy When You Choose When Skies Are Grey Photography, Media, & Designs by Denise! 


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