Be Present? Observer versus Participant.... Why hire a photographer for your small event

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Have you ever been at your child's game and been snapping away at photos and at the end they say Hey Mom did you see me do.... and your eyes get big and you say ummmmm I think so.... I was watching I was taking pictures I just didn't see that. MOM Fail... well not really but in the moment of trying to capture the memory you are just observing it thru the lens. You can't cheer and yell well you can but then the pictures would be out of focus so you don't. So in the moment while we are there and present we are  observing the moment not participating. 

So while it may not be feasible to hire a professional photographer for every soccer game there are moments we all want captured that we often capture ourselves and become the observer of the event instead of a participant. 


Think back to your family photos at an Amusement Park or Beach Vacation.... there was always somebody missing... the picture taker. 

DSC_4785Family Beach Photo Virginia Beach, VirginiaFamily Beach Photography at Lynnhaven Pier in Virginia Beach

People often don't think about hiring a Professional Photographer for birthday's but think about the party and the pressure that would be lifted off of you if you weren't trying to make the memory with photos and were actually in the photo?

As the photographer in my family I am usually the one left out ....I'm not sure who created the selfie but it was probably a photographer wanting to prove they were in their moment.    Sometimes we get quite creative to show we were there....

take a look into those glasses and you'll find the photographer in the moment! Apple Picking Apple Picking Reflection of a Photographer

As a participant you aren't just captured in the memories you also are emotionally involved. An observer is processing the moment from a distance so actually it's not just about being in the photo. You want the moment to be a memory but you also want to be emotionally involved in the moment. Paired together, the photo and the emotion, the memory takes that everlasting form so to have both it's time to hire the observer to capture all the participants to create the everlasting memory and capture the emotions. 

Now the benefit of a professional photographer is while they are observing your families event they capture the emotion. They seek out the moment thru their lens and tell the story. The photo story-telling accompanies the emotions the participants have and creates the emotional memories of our lives. That's the significance of valuing the photojournalism of your story ... your life... your moments... and your memories by hiring the photographer for those moments like Weddings and Family Photo Sessions but don't forget the other life moments like Strawberry Field Sessions, Sunflower Field Picking, birthday parties, Prom Night, Graduation Parties, Birth of Your Children, Family Homecomings and so many more small events that you end up as the observer in your own moment.  Birthday Party  during CovidBirthday Party during CovidChildren Birthday Memories during Covid-19


So, when you are planning an event and thinking of what you want for your memories think to yourself do I want to be a participant or will I be an observer? If you want to be a participant then it is time to look up your favorite photographer, fill out their Client Questionnaire of what you want captured, and let them create and craft the memories with their expertise and you engage in the moment, experience the emotions, and enjoy the memories.

As always You Make Me Happy When You Choose When Skies Are Grey Photography by Denise



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